Located in the Skåne Alps of Southern Sweden

History of the Farm

The Garden

Come and stay

The newly renovated cottage is waiting for you.  We would love to have you come and stay, experience the beauty of the Skåne Alps and relax.  We hope you like animals because they will be everywhere.  Check out the Cottage page for more information and rates.

With our past experience in gardening we have embarked on some new methods of gardening,  experimenting with new varieties and types of vegetables and herbs.  This first year has all been about experimenting, see what does well and what we can do without.  We look forward to harvesting and preparing foods for our friends and customers.

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Relax in the surroundings of animals and nature

The main house was built in 1907 and at that time it was a stall connected to the living quarters.  In fact in our little breakfast room there is still a window in the wall that was put in to keep an eye on the horse.  The owners just previous to us had made renovations to convert the entire building into living quarters, as well as adding on the large barn and  an addition to an out building.

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