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Tomatillo Plant

Before your stay we invite you to learn more about

Happy Dogs Ranch and what we have to offer. 

Amenities & FAQs

Enjoy Your Stay


The Quiet Room

The Quiet Room is a 18 square meter structure positioned to give you the feeling of being up in and amongst the trees. For those that need a moment of quietness, time to meditate or do your yoga this is the perfect spot. I created this room because I felt the need to relax and disconnect.  I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.


The Hangout 

The Hang Out is situated on the side of our swimming pond. I created this for our guest in the Loft and Nest to give them the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and be able to have the campfire experience.  The Cabin has its own fire pit and view of the lake but of course if the Hang Out is not being used our Cabin guest are welcome to enjoy it as well.  

Image by Paul Hanaoka

Farm to Table Meals

Dinner and breakfast is available with 24 hour advanced notice. We strive to offer you a farm to table family style meal using local ingredients. Dinners will be delivered to your room and breakfast will already be in the refrigerator for you to fix as you like. 

*If you have any food requirements or allergies please inform us when placing orders for meals. We look forward to giving you a taste of southern Sweden​.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we bring our pet(s)?

No. We cannot accept any other animals on our property due to the safety of our animals as well as yours. 

Can we feed the animals?

You may join us during feeding hours but please do not enter the pasture or feed the animals on your own.

How much does breakfast & dinner cost?

Breakfast - 150sek per person

Dinner - 260sek per person (100sek for children under the age of 10).

Can we walk the dogs?

Yes! You can join us on our morning dog walks through the forest and surrounding countryside. Please ask the host for a meeting time.

Is there free wifi?

Yes there is complimentary wifi for our guests that are staying in the Loft and Nest

Is smoking allowed?

No smoking/vaping is permitted inside. There is a room damage fee.

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